A Guide to Choosing the Right Hospital in Kerala

Apart from being a beautiful tropical destination with lush greenery and rich cultural heritage, Kerala is hailed as the pioneer in healthcare in India, with its healthcare indices being compared to some of the most developed countries in the West. With its traditional medicinal systems like Ayurveda, Sidda, naturopathy, etc., Kerala is also a sought-after destination for medical tourism.

Choosing the right hospital for your needs can take time, given the wide variety of healthcare options available. Check out this step-by-step guide to ease the selection process 

  • Understanding your healthcare requirements

What is it that you are seeking medical care for? Depending on your medical needs you may need to visit a general, multi-specialty or specialty, ayurvedic, or traditional healthcare centre. Once you know the purpose of your visit, you can narrow down to an option that is most relevant to you. Head to our listings to find out hospitals by type, for example. –mother and child specialty, super specialty on the eye, etc.

  • Factor in the location

After you have narrowed down the type of hospital that aligns with your medical needs, the next important consideration is the location of the hospital. Accessibility to the hospital is the key and therefore proximity of the hospital to your home or workplace becomes critical. This becomes even more significant in the case of emergencies. You can find similar district-based listings on our site like Top hospitals in Ernakulam, Top hospitals in Kottayam, etc

  • Look out for reviews

Online ratings on Google and other listings, patient reviews, and testimonials are instrumental in gauging the reputation and trustworthiness of the institution. A trustworthy and reputable hospital is most likely to have experienced medical staff and better facilities. Recommendations from those near and dear to you like friends and family must be factored in because they are often based on first-hand experience. It is also advisable to check whether the hospital is accredited by bodies like NABH and JCI.

  • Experienced doctors and staff

Read up on the qualifications and specialisations of doctors from the hospital website so that you can make an informed decision about the doctor or the medical team you wish to consult. More often than not this becomes the most critical criterion in selecting the right hospital. 

  • Evaluate the upgradation and facilities

Advanced Technology is an inevitable part of medical care from diagnostics to treatment. It is essential to choose a hospital that upgrades itself with new technology and has the best infrastructure. The last thing a patient wants is to be transferred to a different hospital because the current one can’t execute certain procedures. You can filter hospitals based on facilities on our site like Emergency facilities, Blood bank, etc.

  • High-quality service

What makes the hospital experience truly special is the patient care offered by the staff at all points of the treatment. Prompt delivery of services, quick resolution of issues, round-the-clock support, pharmacy, effective counseling, and post-operative care leave a lasting impression on the patient. The right hospital can also offer such a seamless experience to all its patients. You may assess the quality of the hospital through accounts of those who have visited it before, through online reviews, or by visiting the hospital on your own

  • Specialty

If you are seeking medical care for a specific condition, going to a specialty hospital may help you more as the medical team and staff would be experts in that field. Some hospitals excel in oncology, while others in fertility treatments. It makes more sense to approach a hospital that caters specifically to your medical needs.  Not only would the staff be more experienced and qualified in their area, the equipment would also be state of the art. If on the other hand, you need diverse medical needs to be cared for under one roof, then multispeciality hospitals are the best fit.

  • Pocket-friendly option

Though quality healthcare is an important deciding factor, one should also check whether the costs are in the affordable range. You can compare the hospitals with each other based on the costs of treatments and procedures to choose a budget-friendly healthcare option

  • Emergency and critical care services

Check whether the hospital has a reliable 24/7 emergency department with ambulance and support staff. This becomes crucial in times of emergency as an effective critical care unit saves lives by providing prompt and quality care. 

  •  Check the socials and listing sites

Most hospitals now have a social media handle and posts regularly about their services and facilities. Any upgrade in their treatment or equipment is broadcast to the patients through these channels. It is not rare to see doctors of the institution post about their field and the services they are newly offering. Listings like https://keralahospitals.digital/  are also an easy way to filter hospitals by specialty, district, facilities, and ratings and do the job of compiling the hospital details under one roof

Kerala’s healthcare system offers myriad options and it’s easy to get overwhelmed about choosing the hospital that is right for you. By looking at the type, location, specialty, medical team, technology, service, emergency care, and affordability one can narrow down to the options that align with their medical goals. This article can be used as a checklist that combines all these considerations in one place to help you select the hospital that serves your needs. 


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